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‘A writer maybe. Like Michael Moorcock’

Some of the anxieties that fans feel about their fiction and its relationship to fandom canon are expressed in Neil Gaiman’s short story ‘One life, furnished in early Moorcock’, in which twelve-year-old Richard begins an Elric fanfic, creates fanart, and … Continue reading

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Will the real Merlin please stand up? … We’re gonna have a problem here

Tracing the ‘real’ Merlin is, of course, an impossible task; his origins are buried so deep in Welsh legend that there is no more possibility of finding a beginning, a single starting place, than there is for Arthur himself. But … Continue reading

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A fan at the court of King Arthur

Last week we were looking at the ways in which some twentieth-century texts used the tropes and motifs of medieval romance but mixed them up in new ways. This had us asking questions about the ways in which fantasy can … Continue reading

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Reading and clucking

From Jenny – MacDonald’s hen with attitude – to Chanticleer, cock of the roost plagued by visions of doom, we seem to be moving in the realms of fantastical fowl these days! Whether you’re charmed by chickens or inclined to … Continue reading

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